Tuesday, May 13th, is the day!  OPOE will launch a fundraising campaign to support our film, toolkit, and community workshops.  Once we go live, we'll be asking for your help to make this project happen. 

Helping out is easy and will make a huge difference!


Day 1 is the most important day of the campaign because:  

Mobilizing people to donate on day 1 - even at the $1 level - means we can greatly increase our chances of getting on the front page of IndieGoGo.  This means more exposure and more people getting involved.  Please help us get the word out early!

We will send out an email and Facebook announcement on Tuesday morning with our campaign info, links, and video.

Three easy things you can do on Day 1:   

  1. Be social - post the announcement to your Facebook wall & share it with anyone you think might be interested, tweet to Twitter, share on Tumblr, go instant with Instagram, and pin to Pinterest.
  2. Forward our email announcement, and ask others to forward it as well.
  3. Go to our IndieGoGo page and contribute

Read on for more ways you can help out.


Additional Ways to Help Out!

  1. Share our Press Release link with blogs, websites, and other organizations or companies you think would be interested in our project.  We want to expand our network as wide as possible.  (We will provide the Press Release link Tuesday morning.)
  2. Email or call us to talk about how you can be involved in the campaign.  We can send materials to you ahead of time, so you can be prepped and ready to go on Tuesday morning.  
  3. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share our announcement.

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