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Update - letter of support from USAID!

This is somewhat of a teaser post, but we have so much going on, we just couldn’t wait to share a quick update! 

Today’s big news is that we’ve received a letter of support from USAID!  We are very excited and honored to have this support for our work. 

We sent out formal letters of request for permission to film, conduct interviews and hold training workshops in the Caribbean. (We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here, since we are still waiting on the final word from a few Ministries of Government, so we’ll send a more detailed update out once we hear back.)  We also have a few more requests out there—in other parts of the world—and we hope to share good news soon.

We’re very close to launching our fundraising campaign! 

We’re about to submit all our materials and should be up and running next week (more details very soon).  We’ve learned a lot about how hard it is to make an interesting campaign video (but luckily Tom’s editing and artistic skills are paying off).  We had a lot of fun developing our campaign rewards and are excited to share these!

Our team is growing (yay!) and we’ve connected with so many wonderful people who are interested in being involved and have connected us with an incredible network of people doing inspiring work! 

Lastly, a huge thank you to all who have donated to our project in advance of the campaign.  It is humbling and motivating to have your support and trust.

Thanks to all who have helped us get this far!

Nuin-Tara & Tom


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